There is a philosophy even in furniture.

The act of furnishing a house is actually an act of conquering a space, which requires a philosophical attitude directly connected with the experience of living.

Hence the need to create furniture, and in particular mirrors, that inspire curiosity and wonder, unique objects with particular shapes that go beyond the most fervid imagination.

Mirrors often become doors to cross, they are narrative machines with infinite sensory capabilities. In the mirror you look at yourself to see yourself but also to get to know yourself.

Whatever its shape or destination, the mirror is always a wonder where reality and illusion touch and blend. As Edgar Allan Poe once quoted “Invisible things are the only realities”.


Creativity and quality are key elements at GTG Design Studio.

Through a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, we strive to express all the elegance, style and creativity of Made in Italy. We combine high end materials with creative styles and with the best technologies and craft skills to create outstanding luxury objects.

We have the presumption of wanting to write a new chapter in the history of fine Italian manufacturing. Our mission is to create works of innovative design, reinterpreting the tradition of master craftsmen.

We create works to capture dreams!


At the base of each project there must be amazement. All ideas are dictated by a fantastic journey throughout the unconscious mind. We want people to be seduced by marvel.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of those who express their taste and lifestyle through the world of design. As a manufacturer of luxury objects, we also specialise in the creation of bespoke and custom objects to meet the demands of the most sophisticated and ambitious design and architectural projects.

Our creations are unique, exclusive and collectible.