The Special Edition Collection features one-of-a-kind mirrors whose mission is to amaze and mesmerize. It symbolizes exclusivity and singularity, representing an exception to the norm in terms of design concept, visual effect and outstanding manufacturing process.

Each mirror is characterized by an extraordinary and unusual appearance. Harmony and balance are achieved through to the combination of innovative manufacturing techniques and e exceptional manual craftsmanship.

The variety and highest quality of materials used contribute to the creation of unique and unrepeatable works of art, elevating any interior with their presence. These mirrors are meticulously crafted to stand out, offering a unique and captivating focal point for any space.

Perfect for those who seek to make a bold statement, the Special Edition Collection combines functionality with unparalleled style, ensuring that each piece is not only a mirror but a centerpiece of elegance and sophistication.



PUNK is a mirror with a frame inspired by the collars of the first punk rockers. This distinctive piece features a wooden frame padded with a layer of polyurethane foam for added softness, upholstered in natural leather with a glossy finish.

The outer crown of the mirror is adorned with a series of twelve chromed spikes made from solid beech wood, crafted using a special processing technique. The black-chrome effect on the spikes provides a unique transparency and shine, giving the mirror a striking and bold aesthetic.

This innovative design pays homage to punk rock culture while showcasing Garattoni’s commitment to craftsmanship and creativity.


ROCKET is a mirror with an original concave wing shape that disrupts visual planes, acting as an image generator with significant centrifugal force.

The supporting structure consists of four elements made from Okoumè wood. Each element features a polygonal-shaped surface crafted from thick glass, adorned with triangular facets achieved through a unique bevelling technique.

This intricate design creates a dynamic and captivating visual effect, blending innovative aesthetics with expert craftsmanship.


LEAF is a mirror with an original bevelled ellipse shape, inspired by the typical acanthus leaf of the Corinthian capital. This elegant mirror is supported by a solid metal structure with a special finish in antique brass, meticulously crafted by specialized master craftsmen.

The elaborate reflective effect of the mirror is achieved through the precise manual laying of 360 thin glass strips of varying lengths and thicknesses.

This intricate design process results in a stunning and unique visual appeal, showcasing Garattoni’s dedication to combining classical inspiration with masterful craftsmanship.