Forest is a fence of mirrors casually placed against the wall.

Cause and effect to create a new disintegrated horizon.

An infinite series of single elements where each one returns its own reality; crooked, asymmetrical and unique.

Metamorphosis of objects. Objects in metamorphosis.

It is the fragmentation that reverberates in our lives, giving us new and inimitable sensations. A continuous surprise, as in a forest. A forest of mirrors.


FOREST is an extra-large leaning floor mirror inspired by the randomness of natural forms, where elements appear similar but are uniquely different. This mirror is composed of six rectangular modules of varying heights and degrees of rotation.

The wall mounting system features specially designed metal joints that allow for adjustable rotation angles while securely fastening each module to the wall. This flexibility enables the mirror to be split into a series of two, three, or four individual sections, making an extraordinary and unique design statement.

The mirror’s innovative design captures the essence of natural randomness, providing both functional use and artistic expression.


Forest is not just a piece of décor, it adds drama and beauty. While being a statement piece it reflects whatever is directly across from it which means it can also highlight other beautiful pieces in the space.

  • Modular mirror
  • Multiple size options
  • Custom solutions
  • Complete with a certificate of authenticity

Price from € 7,400

If you are interested in making a purchase, please submit a request for more information via the contact form.


Dimensions & Materials

Forest Median Overall
W190 x D20 x H240 cm

Forest Maxi Overall
W250 x D20 x H318 cm

Glass, steel

Custom solutions

  • Mirroring surface available in silver and bronze finish


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