The collection consists of three outstanding mirrors that embody a creative evolution of the classic rectangular, round and square shapes. Mirrors with art as a common denominator, in particular the kinetic, the conceptual and the abstract arts.

Each mirror is characterized by an unconventional spirit that captures the whole scene in any abode.

They are real artistic installations, transfigurations of archetypal geometric shapes that generate images in continuous transformation.

Fantastic means for extending space and light, they are mirrors that thrive on contrasts in search of a formal perfection whose purpose is to arouse strong emotions exalting the feelings of the observer.


A decorative wall mirror inspired by the concept of unstable equilibrium and characterised by a spiritual essence.

It is composed of three concentric circular metal rings and it is supported by a rope hanging from a nail, like a pendulum.

The rope is wrapped around the rings so that each ring is slightly displaced from the original position thus creating a visual decomposition effect of the inner circular shape and a peculiar fragmentation of the reflected images.


A decorative wall mirror inspired by the concept of “plastic work” in which metamorphoses occur as a result of the displacement of the observer.

It is composed by a structure of symmetry and concentric squares positioned at various levels of depth that create peculiar visual perceptions and generate unexpected effects depending on the observer’s movements. It triggers the optical illusion of getting sucked into the mirror.

Looking at the mirror from an extreme side view, a portion of the concentric layers disappears revealing a flat mirror surface.


A modern wall mirror with a contemporary character but a shamelessly retro spirit inspired by the American lifestyle of the 1950s.

It is composed of a mirrored surface and two bright coloured free-form glass panels positioned at different distances to enhance the three-dimensional feature.

The glass panels generate a peculiar chromatic reflection on the mirrored surface giving the observer the illusion that the panels are floating on the mirror.