Extra-Ordinary Domestic Journeys For Mind Travellers

The drawings derive from sketches made by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni in the mid-80s, reimagined in the present, utilizing digital mediums and techniques. They blend the whimsical and imaginative elements of 19th-century fantasy with the sleek, forward-thinking designs of early 20th-century modernism.

Each piece is a journey into the extraordinary, crafted to transport the mind and elevate the everyday domestic experience. Influenced by the dynamism ethos of Italian Futurism and infused with a passion for speed and cars, the drawings are energetic and avant-garde, pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture design.





Each drawing is a narrative, depicting the evolution of the project from the initial intuition to its final definition. They identify the construction techniques of each individual piece of furniture, illustrating the journey of inspiration, poetics, and literary references.

The entire collection is sold as limited-edition fine art prints, hand-signed by the artist, Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni. Each print captures the intricate details and visionary design of the original sketches.



The Jumpin’ Sofa is a statement piece designed to disarm conventional forms, affirm individual existence against conformity, and emphasize the inimitability of elegance. It serves as the perfect stage for the representation of human comedy, capturing the essence of unique and unrepeatable feelings, sensations, and moments of awareness.

A sofa that invites you to embark on a literary journey, offering a space that transcends the ordinary. Whether delving into the depths of German Romanticism or exploring the defiant spirit of Iconoclastic Panzerism, this sofa becomes a companion for intellectual and creative exploration.

Every moment spent on the Jumpin’ Sofa is a unique experience. It captures the ephemeral nature of feelings and sensations, making each interaction a memorable event.



The Black Train is a unique piece of furniture, designed as an evocative casket to contain all treasures, memories, and expectations. This commode is a means of searching for future time, blending unexpected dynamism with nostalgic elegance.

Designed to resemble a runaway train with a long tail, akin to the cars racing at Le Mans, the Black Train symbolizes a journey of discovery and excitement. It serves as an ideal container for both cherished memories and future aspirations, embodying the essence of travel as an intellectual journey.

In a world dominated by mass culture, the Black Train stands as a testament to individuality and personal expression. It is a piece for those who dare to be different, who seek to infuse their space with objects that reflect their unique personality and intellectual pursuits.