Extraordinary Domestic Journeys For Mind Travellers

It is a collection of drawings that derive from sketches made by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni in the mid-80s, reimagined and contextualized in the present, utilising digital mediums and techniques.

They are not just graphic works, but real furniture projects; furniture inspired by the fantastic literature of the 19th century, by the modernist spirit of the early 20th century and by the historical avant-gardes, in particular by Italian Futurism.

The drawings depict the passion for speed and cars, each telling the story of inspiration, poetics and literary references. They illustrate the evolution of the project, from the initial intuition to its definition and they identify the construction techniques of each individual piece of furniture.

The entire collection is sold as limited edition fine art prints, hand-signed by the artist.


The Jumpin’ Sofa’s intent is to disarm any form, to affirm the individual existence against all conformity and to emphasise the inimitability of elegance.
It is the perfect stage for the representation of human comedy because each of our feelings, sensations and moment of awareness is unique and unrepeatable.
The Jumpin’ Sofa is looking to the East. It is the ideal tool for a literary journey, between German Romanticism and Iconoclastic Panzerism

It stands as an irrational comparison between the mind and the world around it.


The Black Train is a means of searching for the future time, an evocative casket to contain all treasures. Unexpected and dynamic, it is the ideal container for memories and expectations.

It looks like a runaway train. In reality it is a commode with a long tail like the cars racing at Le Mans, the ideal means for an inner journey, because the true nature of travel is intellectual.

Echoes of Dashiel Hammett and Philip Marlowe, in the background we can hear the soundtrack by Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Armin Van Buuren, a mix of punk, blues and techno music.
A bizarre piece of furniture, against the homologation of mass culture.