Achilles’ Tortoise, is a mirror composed of dynamic elements capable of creating images in continuous transformation, arousing an active relationship with the viewer. It is a tribute to the Italian Kinetic Art of the sixties.

Achilles’ Tortoise is a mathematical progression towards infinity, where metamorphoses occur following the displacement of the observer. As in Zeno’s Paradox, Achilles, a symbol of speed, will never reach the tortoise, a symbol of slowness, making movement an illusion.


ACHILLES’ TORTOISE is an unusual decorative wall mirror inspired by the concept of “plastic work” where metamorphoses occur due to the displacement of the observer. This innovative piece features a structure of symmetrical and concentric squares positioned at various levels of depth, creating unique visual perceptions and generating unexpected effects based on the observer’s movements.

The design triggers an optical illusion, giving the impression of being drawn into the mirror. When viewed from an extreme side angle, a portion of the concentric layers disappears, revealing a flat mirror surface.

This dynamic interplay between depth and perspective adds a captivating and transformative quality to the mirror, reflecting Garattoni’s mastery in creating visually engaging and thought-provoking designs.



The peculiar composition of all elements makes it an aesthetically pleasing one-of-a-kind design piece with exclusive and unique visual effects.

The distinctive design is intended to create an extraordinary experience for the observer.

Achilles’ Tortoise acts as a focal point and captures the eye in any room setting.

  • Limited Edition series of 50 pieces + 1 prototype
  • Custom solutions
  • Complete with certificate of authenticity

Price from € 8,900

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Dimensions & Materials

Achilles Mini
W120 x D4 x H120 cm

Achilles Median
W145 x D4 x H145 cm

Inox Supermirror, wood

Custom solutions

  • Mirroring surface available in silver, gold, bronze, copper, champagne and black finish


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