One nail, one rope, three rings. Collimate is made up of philosophical and spiritual symbols. A mirror but also a metaphor for life.

The ring has no beginning or end and is a symbol of eternity. The rope is the link between the human conscience and its spiritual essence. The nail portrays a sense of immutability, fixed and absolute, that no human or natural force will ever be able to oppose.

Collimate is like a mirage, an atmospheric optical phenomenon but also a dream place. Hanging and swaying, hypnotic and magnetic.




COLLIMATE is an unusual decorative wall mirror inspired by the concept of unstable equilibrium and characterised by a spiritual essence.

This unique piece is composed of three concentric circular metal rings, supported by a rope hanging from a nail, reminiscent of a pendulum. The rope is intricately wrapped around the rings, causing each ring to be slightly displaced from its original position.

This arrangement creates a visual decomposition effect of the inner circular shape and results in a peculiar fragmentation of the reflected images, adding an element of dynamic visual interest and a profound symbolic presence to the mirror.


The peculiar composition of all elements make it a functional and aesthetically pleasing design piece with exclusive and unique outlines.

The distinctive design is intended to open up a room or add variety to an empty wall.

Collimate acts as a focal point and adds warmth with its rounded edges.

  • Limited Edition series of 70 pieces + 1 prototype
  • Custom solutions
  • Complete with a certificate of authenticity

Price from € 4,300

If you are interested in making a purchase, please submit a request for more information via the contact form.

Dimensions & Materials

Collimate Mini
DIA 90 x D 4 cm

Collimate Median
DIA 120 x D 4 cm

Collimate Maxi
DIA 145 x D 4 cm

Inox Supermirror, steel, hemp, wool fabric

Custom solutions

  • Mirroring surface available in silver, gold, bronze, copper, champagne and black finish


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