Stratos is a modern mirror characterized by a plastic and fluid morphology and rigorous shapes. The geometric but soft lines make it essential and poetic.

Stratos refers to a functionalism on a human scale, resolute in the absence of ornamental embellishments, yet seductive due to the overlaying of brazen colours and the unexpected reflections and translucency. A tribute to the mid-century modern style and its clean and essential lines with a hint of nostalgia for the optimism towards the future that characterized those years.


STRATOS is a modern wall mirror with a contemporary character but a shamelessly retro spirit inspired by the American lifestyle of the 1950s.

It is composed of a mirrored surface and two bright coloured free-form glass panels positioned at different distances to enhance the three-dimensional feature.

The glass panels generate a peculiar chromatic reflection on the mirrored surface giving the observer the illusion that the panels are floating on the mirror.


The irregular geometries make it a functional and aesthetically pleasing design element with exclusive and unique outlines. The distinctive design is intended to open up a room or add variety to an empty wall and it is specifically made to hang both vertically and horizontally.

Stratos is available in two colour combinations, red and yellow or blue and green.

  • Limited Edition series of 30 pieces + 1 prototype
  • Custom solutions
  • Complete with certificate of authenticity

Price from € 6,900

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Dimensions & Materials

Stratos Median
W76 x D4 x H175 cm
Stratos Maxi
W108 x D4 x H250 cm

Stratos Quadro Median
W170 x D4 x H137 cm
Stratos Quadro Maxi
W210 x D4 x H170 cm

Glass, steel, wood

Custom solutions

  • Mirroring surface available in silver finish
  • Glass panels available in two colour combinations, red and  yellow or blue and green


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