PUNK is a large wall mirror with a frame inspired by the collars of the first punk rockers.

The wooden frame is padded with a layer of polyurethane foam to add softness and it is upholstered with natural leather with a glossy finish.

The outer crown is characterized by a series of 12 chromed spikes made of solid beech wood obtained with a special processing technique.

The black-chrome effect gives the object a special transparency and shine.


The peculiar composition of all elements makes it an aesthetically pleasing one-of-a-kind design piece with exclusive and unique visual effects. The imposing yet stunning structure creates an extraordinary experience for the observer.

Punk acts as a focal point and captures the eye in any room setting.

  • Special Edition series of 20 pieces + 1 prototype
  • Custom solutions
  • Complete with certificate of authenticity

Price from € 17,000

If you are interested in making a purchase, please submit a request for more information via the contact form.

Dimensions & Materials

Punk Median Overall
DIA 265/ Mirror DIA 142 x D16 cm

Punk Maxi Overall
DIA 350/ Mirror DIA 187 x D16 cm

Glass, wood, steel, leather

Custom solutions

  • Mirroring surface available in silver and bronze finish
  • Leather available in 102 different skin tones



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