Punk Mirror


Punk Mirror is inspired by Punk music.
The kind of music that raged and inflamed society in the seventies.
It reminds us of the spike studded collars wore by punk rockers
as a rebellious symbol against the establishment.

Outrageous like The Sex Pistols, it is soft with a harsh attitude.
The frame is dressed up as biker’s jacket, complete with chromed spikes.
Its brutal force makes its way in any abode.
The whole room will have to deal with its imposing presence.

Punk Mirror


Overall Diameter: 261 cm
Mirror surface Diameter: 142 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Weight: 66 kg

Back Wooden  Structure in Okoume plywood
finished with black coat.

Circular Wooden Structure in Okoume plywood

finished with black coat.

Upholstery in black natural leather.

Mirrored Surface in Extra Clear glass sheet. 

Spikes in Beech wood finished with a black chrome effect.

Flat-Head Screws in Stainless Steel.

is manufactured in Italy by GTG Design Studio,
available in Limited Edition only.
Edition Number 10 pieces + 2 Prototypes.
All pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
Price: € 24.000 a piece.

For enquiries, please contact us at studiogtgarattoni@gmail.com