Leaf Mirror


Nature is an open book before the eyes.
Leaf Mirror is a symbol of purity.
It is a door that opens up to the unconscious.
It walks you throughout reality, just like Alice in Wonderland.
Like Narcissus gazing at his own reflection.
Leaf Mirror is a journey within yourself.

A leaf shaped mirror where reflections are fragmented
in a multitude of lighting effects.
The change in colour of the light make this piece a chameleon,
constantly changing, creating a play of reflections
which visually transmits distorted emotions.
A unique manufacturing technique.
A meticulous manual decor of the best craftsmanship.
Designed to enlarge the space with light,
embellished by an ocean of glass strips.

Leaf Mirror


Height: 215 cm
Width: 126,5 cm
Depth: Mirror 11 cm – Base 20 cm
Weight: 214,5 kg

Back Wooden Structure in Okoume plywood,
finished with a with black coat.

Mirrored Surface composed by Extra Clear glass sheet and 358 glass strips.

Metal Structure in Stainless Steel
finished with a metallic brass patina.

is manufactured in Italy by GTG Design Studio,
available in Limited Edition only.
Edition Number 10 pieces + 2 Prototypes.
All pieces are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
Price: € 53.000 a piece.
For enquiries, please contact us at studiogtgarattoni@gmail.com