Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni


Eclectic. Designer, architect, graphic designer, music expert.
He has a taste for creativity that is initiated by so many roads and impressions.
Change is a necessity. Style and technique are inseparable components.
Materials, places, methodology are the foundation of any ideas and projects.
Wood blocks turn into chairs sculptures with aerodynamics shapes, evoking a precious
and cherished synthesis between Art Dèco and Futurism.
Glass turns into mirrors that whisper to your soul.
Styles find new definitions, objects are like reflections of philosophy and music.

Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni


Over the years, Garattoni has researched and explored new and old techniques
always trying to push the boundaries of Contemporary Art.
He has never been afraid of creating objects that capture our wildest imagination
beyond the most obvious conventional ideas. His favourite material of choice is glass.
Glass is a challenging material both to be manufactured and designed.

“Glass is a matter of transparencies and reflections.
Glass has to be envisioned, imagined. Symbol of purity and sin, a mirror tells you the truth in a very explicit way”
Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Rocket Mirror


At the base of each project there must be amazement.
All ideas are dictated by a fantastic journey throughout the unconscious mind,
a dark world existing well beyond our imagination. 

The mission is creating a new generation of objects designed to reinterpret tradition and innovation.

“I want people to be seduced by marvel”
Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni